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World's Most Versatile and Innovative Company producing Quinoa and Quinoa based RTE and RTC products like Quinoa Breakfast Cereal Flakes, Quinoa Cookie Mix, Quinoa Cake Mix, Quinoa Noodles, Quinoa Pasta, Quinoa Nutrition and Energy Bars.



Choose ZeroCalz. Choose calories that help you make another good start, everytime, everyday!

World’s Most Versatile and Innovative Company Producing Quinoa & Quinoa based RTE/RTC/RTD products like Quinoa Breakfast Cereal Flakes, Quinoa Granola, Quinoa Nutrition / Energy / Protein Bars, Quinoa Noodles / Pasta, Quinoa Cookie / Cake Mix, Quinoa Instant Cereal, Quinoa Tortilla Chips, Quinoa Chocolate, Quinoa Milk and many more Healthy Gourmet Sugar Free products.

Before humans learnt farming of staples such as corn, wheat and rice, their diet predominantly consisted of natural ancient grains. During those pristine days, there were no lifestyle diseases such as Diabetes, Hypertension, Obesity or Heart Disease. Humans had strong immunity, physique and survival skills.Today, the situation has deteriorated further with consumption of unhealthy cheap foods with low nutition and high hazard calories.

We at Ashtral, aim to give us humans, a chance to go back to those idyllic ancient days and produce hazard-free, healthy food.We want to set the 'Zero Sum Game'- Zero Cholesterol, Zero Trans Fat, Zero Sugar- for the Humanity. Our food scientists carefully select and condition each ingredient ensuring high quality calories that help start a healthy lifestyle and promote higher nutrition with strong immunity coupled with taste, versatility and functionality. This goal is achieved through the wide range of food products carrying the spirit of ZeroCalz.



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Quinoa Exotica

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Quinoa Super Flour

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Quinoa Breakfast Cereal Flakes

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Quinoa Granola

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Quinoa Tortilla Chips

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Quinoa Sugar-Free Chocolate