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Why ZeroCalz

Why ZeroCalz is No.1?

This hidden treasure of Golden Quinoa TM is brought to your table by the award-winning agro-scientists of Ashtral Biotech who had spent years of quality research on its cultivation and processing. Golden Quinoa TM you buy from us is of high-quality, saponin-free and is ‘ready-to-cook’, not only saving you the time and effort in rinsing and washing, but also protects you and your family against the dangers of harmful Saponin. 

  • The Only Brand in the world that has complete expertise, ownership and rights over ‘Golden Quinoa’
  • The Only Brand in the world that has the 7-stage processing of Quinoa.
  • The Only brand that has the largest number of Quinoa-based product formulations & SKUs in the World
  • The Only brand that is pioneering in extraction of Quinoa Proteins, Instants and Sugar-free snacks
  • The Only saponin-free, ready-to-cook Quinoa brand in India

3-stage unique cultivation

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7-stage unique processing

Quinoa Images

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