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Quinoa Exotica
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Quinoa Exotica

From the plains of India hails an Exquisite strain of Organic Quinoa, the NASA-recommended, mother of all Grains, that is crunchier and tastier than all the others. With its subtle aroma and rich profile, this variant is increasingly becoming a hot international favorite. Aptly bearing the nomenclature of ‘Quinoa Exotica’ it offers great nutritional value and a delightful culinary experience.

ZeroCalz Quinoa has the unique distinction of adopting patent-pending Organic Processing technique that ensures a natural minimally invasive methodology to efficiently remove Saponin, resulting in a high quality triple-washed Quinoa.

Switch to a more Natural healthy lifestyle with ZeroCalz. Indulge without Guilt !

Low Glycemic Index

Contains all the 9 Essential Amino Acids that your body needs

Has Lycine and Selenium

High Protein Content

Gluten Free

Trans fat Free

Rich in Dietary Fiber

Has all essential Vitamins & minerals

100% Natural & Organic

No chemicals or preservatives added