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Ashtral Biotech Pvt Ltd is one of the most talented and agile firm. It is managed by professionals with decades of techno-commercial experience who won many awards for their pioneering innovative work and enterprise.

The management has cross-vertical business experience. Trained by Stanford University on Techno-Commercialization and by Major Global Corporations in various fields, it steers the company into new vistas of specialized foods.

Following are a few notable achievements of Ashtral Biotech Management..

Video Conference in rural tele-medicine into India

Developed the strongest anti-corrosive material

Developed the most effective pest repellent solution for food.

First one to establish the highly sophisticated Quinoa processing unit.

Winners of Rashtriya Rattan Award

Winners of Pride of India Award

Coca Cola Academic Award

DST-Lockheed Martin IC2 Institute Award – Top 10 innovative Brains in India.

Nominated for Circle of Excellence by Snack Food Association of the U.S.A.