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About Us

Ashtral Biotech Pvt Ltd is a company that pioneers in Research, Development, and Commerce of Superfoods such as Quinoa.

Established in 2014, this company has gained a significant milestone in cultivating and evolving a Quinoa-processing algorithm that paved the way to the adoption of Golden Quinoa into the human diet.

The company has its high-capacity processing unit in Chennai and it has dedicated trained farmers in various parts of the country.

Ashtral Biotech Pvt Ltd has a well-trained team of development associates who have touched many milestones in food innovation and product development.

With brands such as ‘ZeroCalz’ and ‘Golden Quinoa’, which stand for high-quality and nutrition, the company is foraying into various formats and market segments

If you would like to associate with Ashtral Biotech Pvt. Ltd, please send us an email to zerocalzsales@gmail.com

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